10 September 2012

How easily one can track and monitor the smartphone details using software?

The need for monitoring smartphones varies from person to person. However, the most
common reasons are: to monitor your spouse to check their faithfulness, to check on your kid’s smartphone activities constantly, and to monitor your employees to ensure they are being efficient in their work. Well, if you monitor someone’s activities and whereabouts, you may fear of being caught. However, with the help of modern innovation, mobile monitoring apps have been developed to ensure that you can track the smartphone details with ease without letting the target person know about your monitoring program.

The mobile monitoring software helps users to monitor the smartphone easily as it works in a complete covert mode. Once the software is installed onto the target phone, you can instantly track every single detail of the phone. The actual user cannot see any signs or indications of the software being installed on the phone. So, there is no way that you can be caught.

In order to monitor the details of the smartphone, here is what you need to do

1. Register with the particular software you wish to purchase

2. Pay the specified fees

3. Login to the web account with the help of username and password provided to you via


4. Install the software onto the smartphone

5. Start monitoring

Features of the Monitoring Software

SMS Logs: Most often, individuals make use of SMS mode to convey secret messages as they find it risky to disclose it over other means of communication. With the help of the software, you can view the text messages word to word even if they have been erased from the smartphone.

Call Logs: The mobile monitoring software captures details of all the outgoing and incoming

calls that include:

Phone number

Data and time stamps

Call Duration

Contact name, as saved in the phone book

Phone Book Logs: The software allows you to view the entire phone numbers registered on the target phone memory.

Location Logs: The software lets you track the precise position of the smartphone, and also

shows the location details through Google maps. Through this feature, you can know the hidden truths like:

• Is your spouse truly busy at work?

• Is your kid at school?

• Is your employee stuck in traffic?

Email Logs: Retrieves every single email received and sent from the smartphone. You can

easily detect if something is being hidden from you via email.

URL Logs: The URL’s browsed by the suspect can be tracked

Photo Logs: The photos and videos uploaded on the target smartphone can be viewed through the web account.

To conclude, once the software starts functioning on the phone, you can view everything via

the web account. As the technology is becoming much more advanced than before, you can see numerous products or apps being designed. Mobile monitoring software like Cell Phone Spy is one of the best inventions that aid to monitor the suspect or loved ones. You can browse on the net to figure out some of the best and powerful monitoring software available in the market and monitor tiniest of details of your smartphone.

Lucille J Cronk is a blogger passionate about mobile spy technology and other monitoring apps. She has her own blog on cell phone spy software. To know more, visit her website.

01 July 2012

Easy Installation of Mobile Spy on Any Smartphone

Regarded as the next generation spy software, Mobile Spy is developed to monitor the activities of your spouse, employees, and kids on a smartphone you have or possess permission to monitor in compliance with the current laws. If you suspect your employee or child for abusing SMS privileges, this is the most advanced spy technology for you to secretly monitor their illegal or harmful activities.

Once installed, this app starts to work in the invisible mode to record all phone activities along with the GPS locations without notifying the phone user about the same. These phone activities include SMSs, MMSs, calls, web sites visited, social media conversations, contacts, photos, videos, memos, tasks, calendar and events.

With the help of the phone’s Internet capabilities, it then uploads them as logs to your Mobile Spy account online and arranges them in relevant categories for easy browsing. Working independently, the Mobile Phone Spy software never relies on the phone's database of calls and messages for tracking the activities. Well, this means that even if your kid or employee deletes the various logs and histories, you will be still able to see those logs via your online account. So, if you have decided to use this app, here are the details on how to install this small app on the compatible smartphone that you desire to monitor.

  • Any Smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.x, Android 1.x / 2.x /3.x, Symbian OS 9.x,  Apple iPhone 3.x / 4.x / 5.0 / 5.0.1, or BlackBerry 4.x / 5.x / 6.x / 7.0 / 7.1
  • Internet carrier for GPRS upload

3-Step System

Once you ensure the presence of the above prerequisites, you just need to follow these three steps:
  1. Register on the official site to open your account.
  2. Install the app directly to the target smartphone and launch it.
  3. Log on to the online account after an hour to view the tracked phone activities in the form of logs.

Once you order the app, you will immediately get an e-mail that will disclose your registration code. With this code, you will have to register your account on the app’s site by visiting its Register page. This is where you will enter the desired username and password, email address, and code.

After your registration process is over, the second step is to install the Mobile Spy app directly on the intended smartphone. For this, you will have to first download the app from the site. But before you install the app, note that the installation instructions differ for each mobile operating system. Therefore, it is vital to first read the corresponding installation instructions page and then install.

Once the app is installed, you can log on to your account from any Internet-enabled device to view the logs at any point of time after an hour since installation. This will show you a control panel wherein you can view, delete, search, and export the logs. Further, you can even send SMS to the device for performing a particular action such as locking the phone or get GPS attributes. And yes, the brand new LIVE Control Panel allows viewing the smartphone's screen in real time.

Installing Mobile Spy is really easy and hardly takes any time if you follow the instructions correctly.

Lucille is a blogger passionate about writing on Mobile technology. She has a blog on mobile spy software, where you can find enormous information on Mobile Spy.

25 June 2012

Smarthphone of the Future

The following post is about the perfect Smartphone of the Future.

The wake-up call

Time to get up. Your phone wakes you gently with a dawn chorus and light of increasing intensity. cast on to the wall by a built-in pico projector. You grab it from its wireless charging dock, present it to your yawning mug, and its facial recognition software activates the snooze function. Just 5 more minutes.

The future, today! LG WCD-800 charger, Samsung Galaxy Beam

Health check

Check out your sleep stats (how much proper REM sleep you got how much was lost to your 2am coffee habit) and your calorie-burning target for the day, which is measured by the bracelet on your wrist That tub of goose fat you ate yesterday will take some burning off, but you're going to a festival; it might just be possible.

The future, today! Zeo Sleep Manager. Jawbone UP

Morning applutions

As you wander down the hallway, you set the shower running at the perfect temperature with a tap of the screen, then stream your morning playlist from your double-based music library, A quick NFC-powered lap of the phone on to the stereo fills the bathroom with Waking on Sunshine. Also steam.

The future, today! Google Music, Android@Home

Finding the way

You hop in the car. Now where's that darn train station? Dock your phone and its projector turns part of the windscreen into a head-up display. A few spoken instructions tell it where you want to go, and it traces out a line on the road ahead. Your tunes are now streaming to the car's speakers for a mosh-tastic ride.

The future, today! Route 66 sat-nav, MVS Virtual Cable, Ford Sync

Console yourself

Uncharted: Drake's Colostomy Bag is calling following your PS4 session last night, so on the train you resume your save game in undiluted quality, powered by your mobile's octo-core Nvidia Tegra processor Touch controls still ain't much cop. so you tap it against your analogue- sticked Bluetooth pad to sync via NFC.

The future, today! Nvidia's Tegra roadmap. PS Vita, Android Beam

Expensive gestures

You've finally made it to the festival, and the burly security guard taps your phone to detect your NFC ticket before fondling your pockets You're through and at the bar purchasing a round for your males who've just tweeted you to say they're almost in All it takes is a wave at the card machine - dangerously easy.

The future, today! Google Wallet. Visa Pay Wave

Pinned down

You've found some friends, but there are still stragglers to locate. You fire up your social AR app and survey the heaving throng in front of the main stage on your screen. There's Tony near the front, marked with a pin-drop-he's just tweeted "Dubstep? So 2012. Wish they were playing something bleepier."

The future, today! Wikitude and Highlight apps, Facbook places

Zoom and share

You can't get any further forward but that wont stop you from capturing every bead of sweat the singer's brow: thanks to yo phone's 60MP image sensor you can be way back from the action and still zoom in to take a crisp snap- Your photo syncs to the cloud and posts to Facebook and the envious comments roll in.

The future, today! Nokia PureView 808

Moshly unharmed

Finally in the thick of it, you get little carried away in the mosh pit. Your phone's gone, stamped into the mud by energetic punks. After some frantic scrabbling you miraculously locate it and wipe it down - not a scratch, and the filth's done no damage either. Thanks liquid-repellent nano-coating technology!

The future, today! P2i Aridion, Gorila Glass 2

Shine a light

As the last of the daylight fades and the headliners hit the stage it's time to capture the moment. Your phones high-power 40W LED flash illuminates the situation (and helps you find the keys Tony dropped), while face recognition tech auto-tags each fizzog as it's uploaded to Facebook and add to the festivals event page.

The future, today! STCF04 LED flash from STMicroelectronics

Steam dreams

Time to leave - camping's not your bag. On the train home you catch up with Harry Potter and the Endless Dole Queue, streamed in unfettered 1080p on your phone's 5in screen, with 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus sound through your headphones. Your zippy 4G connection ensures it won't drop a frame of the middle-aged magic.

The future, today! Everything Everywhere 4G. Voddler video

Early warming

There's an unseasonal frost forming on the windows of the train, so you fire up the app that controls your home's thermostat and whack it all the way up ready for your return. You can even set different temperatures for each room. Now when you walk through the front door the it'll be toasty and warm. Lovely.

The future, today! Nest Learning Thermostat

RAID your freezer

You're almost home exhausted but having moshed through your caloric target for the day. A quick remote browse of your freezer shows a spare bag of chips, so before you tap your phone to your front door and enter your PIN code, you stick the oven on to preheat. Mmm. McCain Home Fries. The true food of the future.

The future, today! AT&T Digital Life, LG Smart Appliances

Show them everything

Before turning in, chip-stuffed you decide to show absent mates what they missed out on. You initiate a 3D video call using the pair of 12MP cameras on the front of your phone and live-share some of the 4K footage you've shot today. Now if that sleep management app would just stop telling you to go to bed...

The future, today! Yahoo! Messenger. LG Optimus 3D

Please share with us, what you expect from the future smartphones in the comment box below.

23 June 2012

Computing Power

As computing technology has advanced, our idea of what constitutes a "supercomputer" has grown with it. This table tracks the maximum recorded performance of various supercomputers over the years in mega-flops, and compares it to some familiar domestic computing devices. Computational throughput is a factor of the software as well as the hardware, so these figures should be considered a rough guide only.

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21 June 2012

Running Diaspora on Your Server

A key part of Diaspora's design is the fact that anyone can run their own server. At present, though, installing the software is - in the developers' own words - "a bit complex".

This is because Diaspora isn't distributed in binary format: it comes as source code, which must be compiled for whatever system you're using. This means you'll need to install a number of development tools and libraries to get it working, including Ruby, MySQL, the OpenSSL encryption library and the ImageMagick image-processing library - plus a web server such as Apache if you plan to host a publicly accessible pod.

At the Diaspora website, you'll find a guide to installing and configuring these components under Windows. OS X and various distros of Linux, You'll also find instructions for downloading and compiling the Diaspora source and configuring your web server, SSL, the database and other services, such as the components that connect Diaspora to Twitter and Facebook.

If this sounds like a fun project, head over to https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/wiki/Notes-on-Installing-and-Running-Diaspora and start compiling; the Diaspora team will doubtless be delighted to see a new pod open. But we suspect the majority of Diaspora users will prefer to use established servers, rather than administering a complex back-end system.

19 June 2012

QR code vs Microsoft Tag vs Data Matrix

The term "QR code" is popularly used to refer to oil types of 2D barcode - that is, barcodes that encode their information in a matrix of pixels, rather than a series of vertical stripes. Technically, though, it refers to a specific format originally developed by Toyota subsidiary Dense Wave - and there are several other types of 2D barcode that you might run across.

Microsoft Tag
By far the most popular alternative to QR codes is Microsoft's High Capacity Color Barcode system, branded as "Microsoft Tag" (pictured). This system uses colored patterns, and can support customizable backgrounds, allowing more interesting designs than are possible with QR codes. A lack of visual consistency, however, makes Microsoft Tags less iconic and recognizable than QR.

The Digimarc Discover system is targeted at professional advertising, and works by embedding augmented reality content into images, using watermarks invisible to the naked eye. When these are scanned by specific apps, interactive video or similar content is revealed. The technical demands of the system, and the need for supporting software, however, has seen Discover get off to a slow start.

Data Matrix codes look a little like QR codes, using black-and-white pixels to represent binary data, with an L-shaped border to help scanners locate the code. Similar error-correction systems are employed to improve readability if the barcode is damaged - a common hazard in the military, aerospace and electronics industries where Data Matrix coding is to be most commonly found. 

17 June 2012

How Hyper-Threading Helps ?

Most Intel CPUs use a feature called Hyper-Threading to double the effective number of cores. For supercomputing purposes, Hyper-Threading is of limited use, but it isn't worthless.

To understand why, consider how Hyper-Threading works. Inside the chip, each core contains one central execution unit and two sets of registers and other resources, between which it can switch very rapidly. By dividing its time between two threads, the execution unit can service both in what appears to be real­time. We sometimes describe this arrangement as representing one physical core and one virtual one. although in reality both cores are half-real and half-virtual.

This approach works well for everyday computing but unfortunately, the same can't be said for supercomputing tasks. Here, the object is ordinarily to complete a large number of calculations as quickly as possible: the execution unit is kept constantly busy, and there's nothing to be gained by splitting the workload across two threads rather than one.

That's the theory, anyway, but it's very difficult to create code that makes full use of your computing resources. So even when a thread is intended to fully tax the CPU it's likely that some cycles will be left spare, which o Hyper-Threaded core can use.

We tested this using the multithreaded 3ds Max rendering application, and found that Hyper-Threading on a dual-core processor improved rendering times by 11%. A quod-core processor had a more drastic effect, though, knocking 36% off the time. Hyper-Threading has value, but it's no substitute for real silicon.